Sunday, March 21, 2010

A look into Callie's Nursery

We didn't know the sex of the baby we were having, so we had to do the nursery in a unisex theme. After seeing a jungle/monkey theme in one of the stores I like, we decided to copy it a bit, but make it our own. We made the money pole behind the crib out of bamboo and leaves and then added the fun monkeys. I made the bumper pad and quilt out of the colors I liked. I had planned on doing something different with the window coverings, but once we found out how easy the bamboo was to cut, we thought we would change it up and use the bamboo as the curtain rod. I love how the curtains came out.
I still have a monkey, lion, and alligator cut out to hang with sayings under them, but just never got around to ordering the sayings and getting it all up. Hopefully I can do it this next week. This nursery will be great for Callie and any additional children.

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