Monday, March 1, 2010

First day at home...

What am I suppose to do at home when I don't have to work? I have so much I want to do; clean the house, scrapbook, and sew. I guess I have to pace myself. So I've made a list of all the rooms in the house and am planning on cleaning one a day, and getting to the other stuff at night. That way the stuff I don't want to do is out of the way.

So today my project was to clean the laundry room and do all the laundry. That's not just Loren and my dirty clothes, but I'm washing all the baby clothes that are 0-6 months. is a full day work, having to fold all those baby clothes and organizing them in sexes and size. Good thing I'll get a break this afternoon with the Dr. visit. It is fun seeing all the little clothes that our little one will get to wear.

I guess I'm off to change another load.

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Nikki said...

One thing I did when I stopped working and was pregnant with Piper was nothing. In a few weeks you will have so much to do and will never get to just rest again. Next pregnancy you will have a toddler and TONS of regular everyday things to do. Just enjoy the quietness and restfulness and the pregnancy!!